About Me

  • Born and raised in North Carolina.
  • Moved to Kentucky when I was around 14 years old.
  • First started web development when I was around 15 and expanded on that knowledge to get to where I am now.
  • Attended a year at Indiana University Southeast going for a bachelors degree in computer science.
  • Self taught myself everything I know computer hardware/software.
  • Ran my own computer/tech support business when i was around 18 years old
  • First started messing around and tinkering with computers when I was around eight.
  • I know many things from web development to minor software design to building entire systems and networks.
  • I've always been a hard worker, especially when its something I enjoy and am motivated to do.
  • And yea thats about all I'm gonna put on here, its the internet so I dont want to give out too much personal info.

    Also if you are curious about some of my work, a few websites, etc. that I have either worked on or made from scratch are below.
    http://upload.thecakeisa.li (my file upload and management system. designed from scratch and my other domain)(also big portal fan)
    http://notdcommunity.com/ (my gaming community, base system is SMF but I've done many tweaks as well as made many custom tools for server control, operates on an unmanged vps that I setup)
    http://drsnelling.com/site/ (site for a small business I helped to design and get running)