My Projects

Below are a lot of the projects, etc that I have done and have experience with.

My Custom Built Home Server/Networking Cabinet Thing
Specs: Athlon 5350, 4GB ddr3, 60GB sdd, 2x 3tb WD Reds(raid0) / Router is Reflashed With DD-WRT
Server runs a local dns server with caching, dlna server for media streaming, local web and database servers, and virtual machines, also looking at the possibilites of tying this into my smart home products

My Custom Desktop
Specs: Core i7 4770, GTX 760, 8GB ddr3, 240GB ssd, 1TB hdd
Gaming, Video/Photo Editing, Programming, Nuff Said

NotD Community
My Gaming Community that I own and operate, I maintain the physical hardware and software and handle all networking with other servers, dns, etc.