Coding And Languages

I have a strong knowledge of:
- HTML Creating files from scratch, editing/modifying existing files, etc.
- CSS Creating, editing, and incorperating them into php/html
- PHP Creating, and editing php based files
I am currently learning:
- C/C++ Currently have just done minor dev work(basic calculators, personal tools for my network, web browsers, etc.
- Bootstrap 3 This site
I Understand,
and can edit/tweak these languages:
- Javascript/Jquery
- Java

Other Skills

Computer Hardware
- Build and configure computer systems Desktop, laptops, servers, and portables
Computer Software
- Configure linux based systems Including many different distrobutions
- System administration Users, coding, server installations, and currently own, operate, and manage a total of 5 linux based servers
- Configure and Install Software Many things from dns servers and webhosting to game servers
- Operating Systems Windows, Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS, Fedora
- Home and Small Business Currently operate a small home network with samba and dns servers
- Larger Networking Operate a larger national network of servers for the gaming community I own, with over 25000 unique visitors
- Networking Software Such as Samba/cifs, Apache, DNS, FTP, Database(mysql)
Photo/Video Editing Experience
- Photoshop Was in charge of a after school photoshop “club” in highschool
- Premiere
- After Effects
- Sony Vegas
- Avid