Brandon Smith
SQL Developer
Software Developer
Sys Engineer/Admin
Network Admin

Welcome to my site. You'll find a few of my projects and other info about me here. If you see anything you like please feel free to contact me and let me know.

About Me

I first started to poke around with developement when I was in highschool. I initially started with some basic HTML and CSS and then moved into learning PHP and the basics of SQL. I gradually improved my skills and also started to help in development for a few gaming communities, NotD and Karma-Gaming. I currently work as a SQL Developer for an automation company and do some software developement on the side. I also like to mess around with tons of other things in my homelab like, networking, virtualization, and home automation.

What I Know

As mentioned before, I know how to do full stack web design and software development. In edition, I also know quite a bit about networking, hypervisors, OS virtualization, server management, etc. While I do not claim to be an expert in everything, here is an more extensive list of things that I'm knowledgeable over:

  • Networking (Vlans, Unifi, Cisco Meraki, VPN's, etc)
  • C# and ASP.Net Developement
  • Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL/MariaDB
  • Linux and Windows Server Management
  • Powershell and Bash Scripting
  • Desktop and Server Hardware Configuration


YASSM(Yet Another Simple Server Manager)

A continuation of a tool written for Karma BoB(see below) and migrated to its own product, YASSM is a utility intended for use with game servers but compatible with almost any program. YASSM is able to monitor and control a near unlimited amount of applications. It checks for application crashes, provides a UI for users to start and stop programs, and provides a web API for users to control their applications remotely. This allows users to have more control over programs that normally have very little and helps them maintain uptime. It has an update system for Steam based PC games to allow users to update there applications with one click. The application also allows for restarts of itself for updates, etc. and is able to pick back up where it left off.

Orginally started in the mid 2000's, NotD was a CS:Source/CS:GO gaming community. Initally I started my involvement with NotD as just a player and admin before eventually taking up a role handling most of the web design and creating custom utilities. I eventually became the owner of NotD in the mid 2010's and from there worked to improve our infrastucture and backend. NotD eventually faded out (mostly due to the community, or lack there of on CS:GO) in 2021.

Karma gaming was started by two buddies of mine and I eventually became involved in the project. Started in the late 2010's as a CS:GO community, Karma has expanded into a multitude of communities and games. I was initially brought in to help on the Karma website and forums and had already been working on building my own forums backend from the ground up. This was ported over to Karma and heavily customized to allow it do to everything other premade systems were not able to do for Karma. One of the key features that was added in was a server control panel that allowed users, with the correct level of access on the site, to control Karma CS:GO servers without direct access. The site also had access to the Karma discord server, via the use of a custom made bot. This allowed the site and bot to alert users to changes on the forums via the Discord server. After working on the Karma website I eventually took over managing all of the Karma server backend and assist with managing the developement team. After taking on this I first started by merging two seperate servers into a single, more powerful, and cheaper server, and also migrated the existing servers to run on top of a hypervisor. Since the initial migration to a hypervisor, we have successfully migrated to more powerful hardware and with proper prework and planning we were able to complete the migrations in under 20 mins of total downtime. During this time I also worked to develop new utilities and tools for Karma that allowed the development team and owners to be more hands off and automated a lot of the day to day processes.

Karma-Gaming BoB
Karma BoB was the first spin off community of the original Karma. I designed, setup, and managed the entire server backend for Karma BoB. This included finding a hosting provider, specing out a server, and the initial setup of the server OS. I also created many custom utilities mostly written in C# and PowerShell. Some of these utilities were a server control panel that would check and monitor the game servers for crashes and automatically reboot them. It would also give users a 1 click option to update the game servers to the latest version. I also designed a program that was capable of parsing the logs from the game servers to allow users and admins greater insight to what was happening in the servers. Some things this would parse were, player death and their level progression at death, player chat messages and who they were sent to, player commands that were used in game, and combat logs from players. One of the other major tools I designed and created for Karma BoB was a bot that was capable if interacting with the game client(due to the game server not supporting any user input). This bot would automatically start the game and could get client loaded into the game server and reading to issue server commands remotely.

These are just a few of the larger projects I have worked on. I have also created a few docker containers (like the one running this site), manage my own locally hosted home automation platform, and have experience with Windows AD and clustering.